Ruhrpharm AG: Partner of Urology - Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements, Generics

Partner of Urology

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Ruhrpharm: Pharmaunternehmen im Therapiebereich der Urologie - Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements, Generika, Medizintechnik

We are a high-performance, independent pharmaceutical company in the therapeutic area of urology. In accordance with the fact that a growing and aging world population demands adequate nutrition and ever better medical care, we focus on improving the quality of life of people by preventing, alleviating and curing diseases. At the same time, we make an important contribution to a reliable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals, medical technology and services for the treatment of urological diseases.

We work sustainably and face up to our responsibility as a socially and ethically acting company. We respect the interests of all our stakeholders and are always a reliable and competent partner for our doctors, pharmacies and patients.


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